At a young age Nicole found her passion for the arts.  During these years she focused on tailoring her skills in drawing and painting.  Nicole left her hometown of San Francisco to experience life independently, in Los Angeles.  She stumbled into the beauty industry quite accidentally.  

Working for a cosmetic company where she designed face charts, Nicole found that she could incorporate her affection for the arts with the beauty industry.  For the last 10 years Nicole has focused on gaining experience and education in special effects makeup, graduating at Vidal Sassoon, salon work, and through her experiences in editorial work, fashion shows, advertisement, film, music videos, and celebrity.  Her work has been published in Elle, Elle Mexico, Interview, Refinery 29, Nylon, The Hollywood Reporter, Zink, Creem, Puma, Pacsun, Guess, Women's Health, Rip-Curl, and Forever 21, to name a few.

Nicole has a great passion in her career.  She loves to create.  More recently she has engaged in creative direction, in editorial and advertising work.  She finds pleasure in collaborating with highly creative teams and brings her great joy to see her clients feel confident in the way they look and feel.


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